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Navigating the maze of lenders and loan options can be daunting for anyone in the market for a mortgage. Whether it’s your first home, you’re upgrading, refinancing or refixing, we are your source of right knowledge and advice.

We are your local finance expert and can help you make sense of all the options, paperwork and process. our mortgage experts provide a range of products and services that span across the finance and insurance sectors.

Mortgage brokers of Click Financial Services have access to a wide panel of lenders, so there is more choice when it comes to selecting a loan and lender.

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First Time Buyer

Thinking about buying your first property? Make sure you get pre approved first and lock in your rate!

Buying A Home

We oversee the whole process to make sure that the complicated home buying process is no more complicated and the proceedings are smoothly executed.

Re-mortgage Your Home

To help you understand how re-mortgaging works and help you save money on your mortgage, our expert advisers are just a phone call away.

Buy To Let

Either buy a property with a view to renting it out rather than living in it or use this route to invest a lump sum or to build up funds for later life by simply buying one property.
Understanding Mortgage

Guides & Calculators

Coming Soon

Mortgages are complicated enough on their own, it becomes more difficult to arrange one yourself between your busy everyday life.

Our team is here to help you and are working hard to give you the expert advice at all stages; whether you’re remortgaging, buying a new home or have a rental property.

We are creating the self-study guides and calculators to understand the market and help you become more efficient in understanding the terms & conditions.

Keep visiting this space, we will be updating our website with all the information shortly.


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